martedì 3 novembre 2020

Hunor tall bike!!

Un giorno mi chiama Piero (mio marito) e mi dice che sarebbe arrivato un ragazzo per costruire una tallBike, cosí ho conosciuto Hunor! Visto che ho parlato sempre inglese con Hunor anche questo articolo sará in inglese da ora :D.

Hunor told me he was Hungarian but was born in Transylvania, after asking him a lot of embarrassing questions about vampire we started talking about the bike he wanted to build.

He had very clear ideas about a tallBike to make long journeys carrying very stylish cardboard suitcases, after convinced him not to use real cardboard suitcases we started building according to the loading spaces indicated by him. These are the new suitcases, ready to be colored to make them more stylish.

Found the best pieces here is the setting of the frame.

It took us a day but we managed to bend that tube, we also had to make a wooden template, we used the grinder with a grinding blade for the metal, you don't do it at home!

Once the frame is done we have to start worrying about the chain line, unfortunately the chain line passes through the frame for a while, we have to dig a canin for the chain.

Once the chain is fixed, the rest is quite downhill the cables go into place without major surprises: D